Michelle Ricci

Director at Zakzetter

Mimi_MegeveMichelle has an extensive background in finance and software as well as property development. She has worked on the Credit Derivative Trading floors at top-tier Investment Banks for the past 10 years. Before entering finance, she worked for the BBC, a dot-com startup and Brown University Research. Together with a prominent lawyer in the US, Michelle created a search engine specific for educational institutions worldwide. She also created a successful software products for Government Officials in the United States and had sold the rights to the software to the State of Rhode Island.

Michelle’s background in property development in London started nearly 10 years ago and she has successfully bought and sold property throughout the Islington and Clerkenwell areas. Her knowledge of property extends beyond buying and selling as she possess extensive experience in all aspects of construction ranging from the development of new-builds to renovating Listed Buildings (Grade II Listed and Conservation Areas).

Michelle possesses Bachelor of Science Degrees in Mathematics as well as Computer Science. Michelle also studied art Rhode Island School of Design as she has a strong appreciation for art and design.

Michelle’s background as enabled her to not only visualise renovation projects but also to forecast budgets required to complete the works.

Contact Michelle:

0203 652 1193


Julien Zak

Director at Zakzetter

Julien_revJulien has worked in finance and software development for the past 15 years for top-tier investment banks in London and Paris.

Working as a quantitative developer in Finance for Societe Generale, Julien developed pricing and real-time solutions for Traders. He worked extensively with simulation engines to develop models to capture market sensitivities.

Before entering Finance, Julien worked in Research and Development for France Telecom to create new algorithmic solutions for the protection of data and content.

Julien also worked for a well-recognized company as he was charged with creating solutions for the enhanced security of the transfer of money via exposed networks.

Julien possesses a Master Degree in Cryptology (Mathematics and Computer Science) as well as a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics.

His combination of education and experience has led him to develop Zakzetter’s bespoke software tools used to highlight arbitrage and mispricing opportunities in the property market. These same tools enable the Zakzetter team to quickly valuate properties in London based on a combination of current market data and historic data within specific locations.

Contact Julien:
0203 652 1193