Zakzetter Property Division concentrates on:

  • Creating luxury residential and mixed-use developments in Prime Central London.
  • Acquiring properties for short-term holdings.

Using combination of in-house software tools and property knowledge, Zakzetter’s team researches the market and identifies potential opportunities.  These bespoke tools identify opportunities based on pricing and highlight arbitrage or mispricing opportunities in the market. Zakzetter has made these tools publically-available from the Zakzetter Software Division.

Potenital acquistions are targetted on a number of factors such as market conditions, expected ROI, duration, capitalisation, and predictive modelling of growth within specific London locations.

Zakzetter is a privately owned company with strong funding relationships, allowing it to act quickly and decisively when approaching new opportunities. Although Zazketter remains a privately-funded company, it may open-up investment opportunities to outside investors on a property-specific basis.

Contact Zakzetter if you would like to be notified of any future property renovation projects and investment opportunities.