The Loft Project

Take ordinary and create extraordinary




The Challenge

  • Quickly refurbish flat and put back on market
  • Inject Light
  • Correct Issues with slanted flooring
  • Create a marketable space


  • Islington Council
  • Control Costs
  • Old building

 Full description

The flat presented a challenge. With sloping floors and positioned on the 1st floor wedged between the flat above and a flat below in an old Victorian ex-council building, serious buyers were not attracted to the flat as immediately they would think the building suffered from subsidence and noise issues.. The flat remained for-sale on a buoyant market thus signaling to all other buyers that there might be an issue with the flat. Purchased at a discount (after verifying the sloping floors were not due to subsidence), the flat was immediately gutted at it was more economical to remove than to restore. Acoustic sound boarding was inserted in the ceiling and the subfloors. The sloping floors were easily corrected and new wood floors were laid. The layout was re-configured to allow more light into the flat and to make the kitchen and the reception a modern focal point. The building was an ex-council flat however it was an old Victorian low-rise building with only 3 flats and 2 stories. Thus, even with the ex-council labelling the flat had potential to compete against other privately-owned flats on the market. Within 6 months the flat was re-introduced on the market and set a record for price-per-square footage in the area.

Step 1 – Reconfigure room layout

Rooms were dark and narrow. A simple reconfiguration of the rooms and removing of narrow partition walls resulted in light flooding through the flat.

The plan was as follows:

  • The existing kitchen becomes the master bedroom.
  • The existing master bedroom becomes the kitchen.
  • The new kitchen and the reception become an open-plan kitchen/reception.

The below illustration demonstrates the before/after layouts:




Step 2 – The transformation. The old kitchen becomes the master bedroom.





Step 3 – The old reception room and second bedroom combine to become a stunning new kitchen and living area.

Dining Room and Reception

Open Plan Kitchen

Creating Space

Step 4 – Focus on the details.

Create a light kitchen with bar. The original sloping floors were leveled. Sound insulation and wooden floors were laid down to create a quiet space. Old awkward spaces were converted into seamless cupboards and in-line shelving. Chimney breasts were re-opened and converted into suable space and storage space.

Chimney breast converted into oven space

Old bedroom becomes the kitchen

Built-in bookshelves and seamlessly integrated storage units